Lala, From Other’s Perspectives

The observer, the one with insight, the one who pays attention whilst maintaining an air of randomness about her at all times. That’s what Lala is, but she is much more. To those of us who are willing to see past the random, to get behind the curtain, so to speak, she is one of the best and most loyal friends anyone could ask for. Always able to see the humor in the most inane situation, Lala helps the more serious members of our group find levity when it’s warranted, but has the wherewithal to get out of the way when the axes start flying.

Lala is at once the mother and the sister of the group. The Creation Goddess in some aspects…but also the discord which threatens to destroy the Universe in the never-ending duality of opposition. Lala is that…and so much more.

-Arokk Darkkstarr
Dis poor fella he bin walkaroun walkaroun, lookin for tribe to camp with a lilbit time. Place an place he lookin but people there not tribe, treat him bad.

Den one time da healer lady she say to dis poor fella “You comin over this place here, you be likin it here” So dis poor fella he thinkin on it , an imbin drimmin on it. An he went this new place. an he met the boss lady this place. This lady she make dis poor fella feel like him home comin. But imbin drimmin so imbin know tdis lady she Tribe. So dis Vagabond imbin thinkin he camp a lil bit time this place. Dat was time andtime ago.

Tribe has grown over the years, but not surprising to me. Lala is a collector, she collects waifs and strays., people. But every person she collects to her “tribe” have some attributes in common, after all they are the reasons she collected us . From this vagabond’s perspective she is tribe, family, student and teacher. And more.

if you’re lucky enough to be collected you’ll know what i’m talking about.
Love ya kiddo



Lala, one word, yet more.  How is that one can know someone after so little time of actually “knowing” them.  Intelligence is her forte, loyalty and friendship are her offered gifts.  Her wit and writings give us insight into her world, and yet she maintains that sweetness of “self”. I am honored to get to know her and love sitting back to watch the Creation Goddess at work.



Lala is the great creation Goddess, as when I was about to give up on PaganMystics, it was she who took up the slack. From such a gentle perspective she is the essence of never give up, and never surrender. I think it was these things, and many more that I fell in love with most. If enlightenment is to be the target, then she is my arrow.

Even in death and dismemberment, she is there; for all who’d call her friend. Laughter and random are her skills. Always sweet and fun to be around until you summon the dark half, hen her skills become a trap for the uneducated that can and often does slam shut on unsuspecting flufftards.

I’ve not seen a faster learner, or a greater thirst for truth. There is no greater ally on this journey we have each under taken from beyond death’s doorway.



-Andy Edwards