The Owl Speaks

The owl has been screeching outside at night. He’s a resident of the neighborhood and doesn’t live too far away. I hear him outside on occasion, though he’s been making his presence known more often as of late.

I’d assumed that perhaps this was because he’s been busy hunting, apparently  that was wrong as I’ve been told by a few that owl only speaks when he has something to say.

So, what is he saying?

Noon suggested that I ask the cards, so I did.

Owl was removed from the deck, though I’m not certain if I needed to do this or simply remember what it is that the card symbolizes.

Owl: Omens (A topic I’ve brought up a few times recently)  Owl says Pay attention to the signs.


with owl removed from the deck, I decided to read. I can’t explain why, only that I drew 8 cards this time.


Lynx-Discernment: Look Beyond immediate appearances.

Wolf-Guardian: You are safe and protected at all times

Kangaroo (r)-Gratitude: Be grateful for all you are blessed with (Mental slip up, be careful with what you have. -interesting)

Lion (r)- courage: Ask for what you want. (I’m distinctly  picking up the time for asking is over.)

Beaver (r)- Productiveness: Go ahead and just do it.

Bear-Boundaries: Stand your ground.

Seal (r)-imagination: Immerse yourself in artistic and creative expression

Turtle- Retreat: Stop Trying to make something happen.


(now either I have one too many cards on the table. Or perhaps I’m missing one, as I don’t see how they all tie together right now. Which either means drop the last one possibly, or draw another. )


Random card draw:

Koala-Empathy: Speak less and listen more.


So, I’m at a loss for the moment, Wondering to see if anyone else has anything helpful or even unhelpful to add.

2 thoughts on “The Owl Speaks

  1. Owl can be a herald of unexpected change. Flies between two worlds. This is also mating season for Owl. Strength is seeing in dark places and noticing change. Weakness: Being to focused and missing tangential danger.

    Lynx — Medium predator. Sensitive to subtle changes in environment. Patient and is excellent at camouflage. .
    Wolf – OK, also Wolf is a social person with strong social skills. Used to a hierarchy and very clear boundaries and is able to enforce them. Wolf can also engage in play and camaraderie…
    Kangaroo — Talks about prosperity and also in a social situation. Strength, social integrity and being able to deal with aggression in a direct approach when seen coming. Strong fight/flight response. (similar to deer in usa) Probably trying to get you to see it from a different perspective. Change your attitude. Be more laid back and enjoy life more…
    Lion — Dominance – Strength – Courage – Power – Extreme structure in a hierarchical fashion. Choose your time to be productive according to the lifestyle of your quarry.
    Beaver — Prosperity, Diligence, and Hard Work. Ability to change your environment in order to enrich it. good at creating structure from chaos.
    Bear — Boundaries but with a touch of strong emotion. Bear is not good at controlling emotions and tends to let it all out. Aggressiveness and awareness of what it needs without fear of failure. Tenacious goal seeking.
    Seal — Mammal who’s chosen element is water. Very good in dealing with emotions. Good at discerning emotional difficulties and troubles. Excellent hunter and efficient at tracking prey through water.
    Turtle — Perseverance, longevity, strength of character over appearances. Able to maintain a steady progress forward. Knows when to take a break and care for self and others. Slow and steady. Thick skin. Does not let life’s incidentals bog him down. Acceptance.
    Koala — Strength — Observation. Weakness — Reliance upon too few resources. Can be blind to change. Slow learner. Ungrounded. Again, perhaps trying to see from a new perspective.

    There ya go. My tuppence!


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