Accurate Reading Was Quite Accurate

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read for myself. I got into the habit of doing them fairly regularly for myself and for ye old shit head, the mule. But then of course, shit happens, and he got cut lose and sheet/times are changing.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. I decided that I’d give myself a reading, not sure what prompted it, but as I sat down and chilled out and just started shuffling my cards, with Pandora on, me just chilling and shufflin and the music playing. What I didnt’ realize was that while I was going to read one oracle, I ended up getting messages from two of them simultaneously.


Seriously, it was actually pretty cool.

When I felt the urge to stop shuffling, I took note of what song was playing.

Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart. Ok…

Perhaps I should also mention that while I do like the song, it’s a favorite of his mulishness. Message? You decide.

I lay out my cards…..

Turn over the first one…..

And I see Frog, Purification. Ok… Interesting.

Now the song has ended, I’m just about to turn over another card, and Queen, Killer Queen comes on…. Ok, yeah now I’m chuckling a little bit, because, well why the hell not?

Eagle (R), Porcupine, Snake (R), Cougar (R), Dragon Fly (R) and Humming Bird (R).

So, I’m looking over my cards, deciding what’s going on. Killer Queen ends, and a new song begins. This time, for my eargasmic pleasure, Alice in Chains, Down in a Hole!

OK Oracle! You win! and you’re totally right. It’s been a month, and now that the transition is over and taken place, it’s time to start pulling myself out of that hole.

I suppose that I’ll go ahead and include the rest of the reading of the Animals real quick at this point as well.

Eagle pretty much is saying hey you, you’re having some trust issues and they’re affecting your spirit, your ability to soar. Point taken. Porcupine, quite blaming yourself you nut fuck, it’s not your fault and you did what you had to do. Snake, aside from fucking making me uncomfortable, is telling me that I have some healing and rejuvenation that needs to take place.

Cougar wants me to regain my confidence. We’ll see if I can manage to do that. Oh! Shiny boy person on oracle right now! (Ummm… maybe it’s pointing out something else too? Lmao)

Dragonfly, I should mention that I’ve seen quite a few of these in the front yard recently, I should have known that they were conveying a message, they popped up again for me here, they want me to remember who I am, see past the self imposed illusion that I’ve built around myself.

And last but not least, Hummingbird…. I need to find joy again.

Ok…. Let me go find some eye candy to look at, I’m sure that will help immensely.

The Owl Speaks

The owl has been screeching outside at night. He’s a resident of the neighborhood and doesn’t live too far away. I hear him outside on occasion, though he’s been making his presence known more often as of late.

I’d assumed that perhaps this was because he’s been busy hunting, apparently  that was wrong as I’ve been told by a few that owl only speaks when he has something to say.

So, what is he saying?

Noon suggested that I ask the cards, so I did.

Owl was removed from the deck, though I’m not certain if I needed to do this or simply remember what it is that the card symbolizes.

Owl: Omens (A topic I’ve brought up a few times recently)  Owl says Pay attention to the signs.


with owl removed from the deck, I decided to read. I can’t explain why, only that I drew 8 cards this time.


Lynx-Discernment: Look Beyond immediate appearances.

Wolf-Guardian: You are safe and protected at all times

Kangaroo (r)-Gratitude: Be grateful for all you are blessed with (Mental slip up, be careful with what you have. -interesting)

Lion (r)- courage: Ask for what you want. (I’m distinctly  picking up the time for asking is over.)

Beaver (r)- Productiveness: Go ahead and just do it.

Bear-Boundaries: Stand your ground.

Seal (r)-imagination: Immerse yourself in artistic and creative expression

Turtle- Retreat: Stop Trying to make something happen.


(now either I have one too many cards on the table. Or perhaps I’m missing one, as I don’t see how they all tie together right now. Which either means drop the last one possibly, or draw another. )


Random card draw:

Koala-Empathy: Speak less and listen more.


So, I’m at a loss for the moment, Wondering to see if anyone else has anything helpful or even unhelpful to add.

My Meeting with the Snake, Part 3

I contined to keep searching, I see the snake now, and, dont feel the fear. It comes to me in my dreams at times… Bringing with it messages.. I hope to keep learning and growing…as the transformation continues… I think that the thing that I once feared most over everything else, is now, what gives me so much strength…Here is more information about the totem, taken from the thread in banned.. This was written by another member.. I think that it needs to be shared here….Snake is a member of the Reptile Kingdom. One of many aspects of reptiles is their analytical cunning. They spend much time examining their environment and then analyze that data to see how best to take advantage of it. This lends them unto our area of the mind. Continue reading »

My Meeting with the Snake, Part 2

it was getting long, I didn’t know if I would lose any of the post)

Any way, the more that I kept trying to ignore the snakes existance.. I had nightmares…. I felt blocked, I couldnt’ close my eyes with out seeing that eye staring back at me..

I felt like I had to do something, I continued looking for more information, it was the only thing that I could think of to do.. The more that I learned, the more comfortable I got with the idea of having the snake with me…
I learned that the Snake comes when we are moving toward change. That they appear when we need to let go of a part of our old self.

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My Meeting With the Snake, Part 1

Well, our King chose to bring the other topic back to some semblance of a conversation, and, I want to reply.. Though, I think that I really only want to focus on one of my totems right now.. I think that I am ready to share about the snake…
The snake came to me, this year, after my dad passed.. It took me some time to figure it out, this is the blog entry that I made about it….

“”ok guys, have a little bit of a (problem) as, I can’t think of a more suitable word for it…..For the last few days, when I’ve tried to meditate, I get the same image.It may help, so, I’ll explain…..I see a red light, and, I follow it, (feel somewhat compelled to do so), and, the light leads to a door, the doorway is dark, and when the light gets there, it surrounds the doorway…(At this point it looks like a dark doorway that is surrounded by a red light)…I wait, and, from the door….appears an eye…..I talked to someone about this last night, and, he feels that this may be a sign from my animal guardian….the eye, is that of a snake…..Ok, for those of you who don’t know, I’m scared, (horrified, mortified….etc…) of snakes…Makes me a great deal uncomfortable…my skin is still all creepy crawly about all of this….. Continue reading »