Accurate Reading Was Quite Accurate

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read for myself. I got into the habit of doing them fairly regularly for myself and for ye old shit head, the mule. But then of course, shit happens, and he got cut lose and sheet/times are changing.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. I decided that I’d give myself a reading, not sure what prompted it, but as I sat down and chilled out and just started shuffling my cards, with Pandora on, me just chilling and shufflin and the music playing. What I didnt’ realize was that while I was going to read one oracle, I ended up getting messages from two of them simultaneously.


Seriously, it was actually pretty cool.

When I felt the urge to stop shuffling, I took note of what song was playing.

Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart. Ok…

Perhaps I should also mention that while I do like the song, it’s a favorite of his mulishness. Message? You decide.

I lay out my cards…..

Turn over the first one…..

And I see Frog, Purification. Ok… Interesting.

Now the song has ended, I’m just about to turn over another card, and Queen, Killer Queen comes on…. Ok, yeah now I’m chuckling a little bit, because, well why the hell not?

Eagle (R), Porcupine, Snake (R), Cougar (R), Dragon Fly (R) and Humming Bird (R).

So, I’m looking over my cards, deciding what’s going on. Killer Queen ends, and a new song begins. This time, for my eargasmic pleasure, Alice in Chains, Down in a Hole!

OK Oracle! You win! and you’re totally right. It’s been a month, and now that the transition is over and taken place, it’s time to start pulling myself out of that hole.

I suppose that I’ll go ahead and include the rest of the reading of the Animals real quick at this point as well.

Eagle pretty much is saying hey you, you’re having some trust issues and they’re affecting your spirit, your ability to soar. Point taken. Porcupine, quite blaming yourself you nut fuck, it’s not your fault and you did what you had to do. Snake, aside from fucking making me uncomfortable, is telling me that I have some healing and rejuvenation that needs to take place.

Cougar wants me to regain my confidence. We’ll see if I can manage to do that. Oh! Shiny boy person on oracle right now! (Ummm… maybe it’s pointing out something else too? Lmao)

Dragonfly, I should mention that I’ve seen quite a few of these in the front yard recently, I should have known that they were conveying a message, they popped up again for me here, they want me to remember who I am, see past the self imposed illusion that I’ve built around myself.

And last but not least, Hummingbird…. I need to find joy again.

Ok…. Let me go find some eye candy to look at, I’m sure that will help immensely.


oh, I was going to post a quick update about the changes that have happened, and then I realized that I’m going to have to change up the categories on this blog, because, yeah.

Dropped the dead weight. I think maybe I started the process with the message and then completed it last night when I went ahead and killed his fb account.

Long story short, it was connected to one of my email addy’s. I got tired of getting an assload of messages/notifications from his fb. He hadn’t logged on to change up any of the info, or put in a new email, so, I killed it.

~Shrugs~ shit happens.

Oh yeah, and he was a manipulative, lying, cheating asshat. Nuff said.