oh, I was going to post a quick update about the changes that have happened, and then I realized that I’m going to have to change up the categories on this blog, because, yeah.

Dropped the dead weight. I think maybe I started the process with the message and then completed it last night when I went ahead and killed his fb account.

Long story short, it was connected to one of my email addy’s. I got tired of getting an assload of messages/notifications from his fb. He hadn’t logged on to change up any of the info, or put in a new email, so, I killed it.

~Shrugs~ shit happens.

Oh yeah, and he was a manipulative, lying, cheating asshat. Nuff said.

Memories: Two Poems, Part 1

I really wanted to bring this post over here. I know that it’s old, the original blog post was entered in December, 2006.


This is an OMG moment that I know I’ll never forget, It’s one of the best memories that I have from that year.
I woke up this morning…To find a thread in the Void titled, …. “The Dream” (To My Lala)… I really think that my heart flew out of my chest again when I was reading it… I’ve posted the original post here… Continue reading »