My Meeting with the Snake, Part 3

I contined to keep searching, I see the snake now, and, dont feel the fear. It comes to me in my dreams at times… Bringing with it messages.. I hope to keep learning and growing…as the transformation continues… I think that the thing that I once feared most over everything else, is now, what gives me so much strength…Here is more information about the totem, taken from the thread in banned.. This was written by another member.. I think that it needs to be shared here….Snake is a member of the Reptile Kingdom. One of many aspects of reptiles is their analytical cunning. They spend much time examining their environment and then analyze that data to see how best to take advantage of it. This lends them unto our area of the mind. Continue reading »

My Meeting with the Snake, Part 2

it was getting long, I didn’t know if I would lose any of the post)

Any way, the more that I kept trying to ignore the snakes existance.. I had nightmares…. I felt blocked, I couldnt’ close my eyes with out seeing that eye staring back at me..

I felt like I had to do something, I continued looking for more information, it was the only thing that I could think of to do.. The more that I learned, the more comfortable I got with the idea of having the snake with me…
I learned that the Snake comes when we are moving toward change. That they appear when we need to let go of a part of our old self.

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My Meeting With the Snake, Part 1

Well, our King chose to bring the other topic back to some semblance of a conversation, and, I want to reply.. Though, I think that I really only want to focus on one of my totems right now.. I think that I am ready to share about the snake…
The snake came to me, this year, after my dad passed.. It took me some time to figure it out, this is the blog entry that I made about it….

“”ok guys, have a little bit of a (problem) as, I can’t think of a more suitable word for it…..For the last few days, when I’ve tried to meditate, I get the same image.It may help, so, I’ll explain…..I see a red light, and, I follow it, (feel somewhat compelled to do so), and, the light leads to a door, the doorway is dark, and when the light gets there, it surrounds the doorway…(At this point it looks like a dark doorway that is surrounded by a red light)…I wait, and, from the door….appears an eye…..I talked to someone about this last night, and, he feels that this may be a sign from my animal guardian….the eye, is that of a snake…..Ok, for those of you who don’t know, I’m scared, (horrified, mortified….etc…) of snakes…Makes me a great deal uncomfortable…my skin is still all creepy crawly about all of this….. Continue reading »