My Meeting with the Snake, Part 2

it was getting long, I didn’t know if I would lose any of the post)

Any way, the more that I kept trying to ignore the snakes existance.. I had nightmares…. I felt blocked, I couldnt’ close my eyes with out seeing that eye staring back at me..

I felt like I had to do something, I continued looking for more information, it was the only thing that I could think of to do.. The more that I learned, the more comfortable I got with the idea of having the snake with me…
I learned that the Snake comes when we are moving toward change. That they appear when we need to let go of a part of our old self.

Snake awakens our spiritual intuition allowing us to explore the mysterious depths of our mind and soul. Its unblinking stare looks into our souls and teaches us how to birth untapped power and creative wisdom..
The Snake’s shedding of it’s skin is a metaphor for how we shed old ways and habits as we grow into higher spiritual energy symbolizing the death and rebirth process.I couldn’t ignore the timing of the snakes appearance, I knew that I was in a transition..

Other things that I learned about the snake were, the eyes of a snake are always open protected by immobile transparent scales. Prior to shedding its skin the snakes markings become obscure and the eyes appear opaque or blue. This gives it a trance like appearance as if it is looking right through you. Learning how to see into the hearts of others is part of what it teaches us. .

Snake has been a symbol of life and sexuality for thousands of years in many cultures. It is a totem of power, renewal and transmutation. Soundless in motion and invisible at rest snakes are unable to produce their own body heat. They are often seen lying in the hot mid day sun. The suns warmth coupled with the snakes behavior regulates their body temperature. Not relying on the energy of food to generate body heat, they can survive on meager diets for extended periods of time.

Those with this totem need very little food to energize themselves. They are usually cold and prefer warmer climates. Their body temperatures are often lower than normal.

Snakes lack eardrums and external ear openings but have small bones in the head that conduct sound. They are able to hear low frequency sounds and sense vibrations that travel through the earth. This links them to the underworld where secrets are stored.
The snake symbolizes healing on a cellular level. Because their bodies are lightweight and flexible they have speed and agility. When they enter into your world expect swift changes to sweep through your life. These changes signify a death of the old and a birth into untapped power, creativity and wisdom. Snake is a powerful totem to have. Only those with a high degree of spiritual training, be it past or present, will be awarded this totem. It is the guardian of sacred places and the keeper of hidden knowledge.