My Meeting with the Snake, Part 3

I contined to keep searching, I see the snake now, and, dont feel the fear. It comes to me in my dreams at times… Bringing with it messages.. I hope to keep learning and growing…as the transformation continues… I think that the thing that I once feared most over everything else, is now, what gives me so much strength…Here is more information about the totem, taken from the thread in banned.. This was written by another member.. I think that it needs to be shared here….Snake is a member of the Reptile Kingdom. One of many aspects of reptiles is their analytical cunning. They spend much time examining their environment and then analyze that data to see how best to take advantage of it. This lends them unto our area of the mind.

The reptilian brain is said to be that part of our most basic physical being which is constanly working on our continued survival.Regulating our autonomic functions, it’s the little voice in the back of the mind that makes the legs start cranking at the first sign of danger and floods the body with enough adrenalin to lift a Harrier Jet. It sits at the opposite position to the prefrontal lobes where much ‘conscious’ cogitation happens.

Snake can be ruthless. This is because they have little in the way of emotions. Many are born with much instinctual data stored up and have the bare bones for survival. They do whatever it takes to survive. They are less emotionally motivated than many other creatures. Yet emotion is still important.

Snake is a symbiant of the Earth. Snake sees, hears and feels the movement of things around it. Usually in tandem with the vibrations it feels from the Earth. This is why many of them shy away from us humans. They can hear us stomping around long before we tred on them. Indeed, the most instance of snake bite occurs when one disturbs a sleeping, courting or hunting snake, overly intent on its prey.

Snake is also about opening up closed sensory systems within us. About hearing with our eyes, seeing with our ears, smelling with our fingers, touching with our taste and tasting with our nose…and any other unusual combination. This is true for both physical and psychic sensory systems. We humans tend to be two dimensional when it comes to our physical senses. Snake helps us open up to data we missed using only two dimensions and shows us more…From this we can gain greater wisdom.

Snake can also be very protective (it senses trouble a long way off), it is excellent at creating mazes, to confuse an enemy or mesmerize prey, and uses guile, and illusion to help it get it’s way. Many Celtic knotwork designs have links to Snake’s ability to maze and to disappear within a maze.

Snake can be friendly. The Garter snake is often not too adverse to careful play as long as one has respect for its beingness. So too the bull snake and the hog nose. Others are not. The rattler, even the tiniest pygmie rattler would rather bully their way out of confrontation. In most cases you get a warning. But sometimes, not. Remember, Snake is a master of illusion and delusion as well. One must do much work before snake will show you it’s ways. If it can not escape, out-manuever, outwit, outfight then it will usually acquiesce and endure….at least until it can escape…