My Meeting With the Snake, Part 1

Well, our King chose to bring the other topic back to some semblance of a conversation, and, I want to reply.. Though, I think that I really only want to focus on one of my totems right now.. I think that I am ready to share about the snake…
The snake came to me, this year, after my dad passed.. It took me some time to figure it out, this is the blog entry that I made about it….

“”ok guys, have a little bit of a (problem) as, I can’t think of a more suitable word for it…..For the last few days, when I’ve tried to meditate, I get the same image.It may help, so, I’ll explain…..I see a red light, and, I follow it, (feel somewhat compelled to do so), and, the light leads to a door, the doorway is dark, and when the light gets there, it surrounds the doorway…(At this point it looks like a dark doorway that is surrounded by a red light)…I wait, and, from the door….appears an eye…..I talked to someone about this last night, and, he feels that this may be a sign from my animal guardian….the eye, is that of a snake…..Ok, for those of you who don’t know, I’m scared, (horrified, mortified….etc…) of snakes…Makes me a great deal uncomfortable…my skin is still all creepy crawly about all of this…..

The Iris of the eye was a vibrant green color, though, the rest of it was Red, like in this picture.
I am hoping, at this point, that, though similar, the eye belongs to something else, I’m going to put up a picture, and see if any of you can give me a hand with this…My thanks in advance…….Blessings,lala””

I had found the picture of the eye… to my dismay, it was an eye of a snake… Snakes have always scared me so much, that, I wanted to stop, and give up.. If it was a snake, I was ready to give up, go and crawl under a rock, and, try to forget about it..
Well, I spoke to my friend Jas, he is somewhat a mentor to me, and, he suggested that I dig a little bit deeper… To keep researching totem and guardian animals.. So, that is what I did…

I kept coming across the same information, that the animal that you are most scared of, can usually be one of your totem animals… This, bothered the shit out of me.. I had no need, or intention to work with a snake.. Just looking at pictures of them on tv, or, on the net, bothered me enough to make my skin crawl… it was very painful to me..Then, Crystal, love that woman to death, decided to start making sure that I knew the postive things associated with snakes… I was essentially double teamed by Jas and Crystal, to not give up, and, to keep digging… So, that is what I did..

(To Be Continued)