How Did You Know?

A question that I’ve heard a few times today.

How did you know? How did you know about my gift? How did you know that I was toasted? How did you know?

Lol, Honestly, it makes me giggle when I hear it. How did I know? Hmmm… I suppose that it could be that I’m observant? Hell, I’ve had enough readings tell me that I need to pay attention to the signs around me. Or that I need to rely on my instincts.

Sometimes, you know someone well enough that you can pick out patterns of behaviour. That often helps on “Knowing” whatever it is that I happen to know at the time.

Sometimes, people just give away more than they think that they’re giving away in a idle conversation. Sometimes, I think that this is wildly hilarious.

It’s also not hard to imagine how an observant person could get the better of people. Especially if they’re decietful. How many times have you heard about the shyster fortune tellers?

Often times, those who are charging money for their services, are really telling people what they know that they want to hear. Sometimes, it really is just a ploy to get as much money out of someone as you can.

I know that it makes it harder on the people who truly are gifted with readings, those who are seers of things.

Still, I find it funny. I dont’ think that I’m doing anything special when I know something. I usually attribute it to just being observant. Yes, when I need an answer, I do turn to my cards, but, I also read those on intuition as well. I don’t go by the books narrow definitions.

If a reading feels that it needs to be read in a certain way, then that’s how I do it. Ohhh…I know that I’m rambling now. But, I’m still having a laugh at todays “How did you knows”

Do I have a gift? It’s possible. Certain aspects yes, I’m fairly certain that I do. But, I think my best gifts are my intuition, my gut instincts, and the fact that I’ve learned to be observant.

Maybe next time we’ll talk about dreams.

Until then…



july 29, 08