Accurate Reading Was Quite Accurate

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read for myself. I got into the habit of doing them fairly regularly for myself and for ye old shit head, the mule. But then of course, shit happens, and he got cut lose and sheet/times are changing.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. I decided that I’d give myself a reading, not sure what prompted it, but as I sat down and chilled out and just started shuffling my cards, with Pandora on, me just chilling and shufflin and the music playing. What I didnt’ realize was that while I was going to read one oracle, I ended up getting messages from two of them simultaneously.


Seriously, it was actually pretty cool.

When I felt the urge to stop shuffling, I took note of what song was playing.

Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart. Ok…

Perhaps I should also mention that while I do like the song, it’s a favorite of his mulishness. Message? You decide.

I lay out my cards…..

Turn over the first one…..

And I see Frog, Purification. Ok… Interesting.

Now the song has ended, I’m just about to turn over another card, and Queen, Killer Queen comes on…. Ok, yeah now I’m chuckling a little bit, because, well why the hell not?

Eagle (R), Porcupine, Snake (R), Cougar (R), Dragon Fly (R) and Humming Bird (R).

So, I’m looking over my cards, deciding what’s going on. Killer Queen ends, and a new song begins. This time, for my eargasmic pleasure, Alice in Chains, Down in a Hole!

OK Oracle! You win! and you’re totally right. It’s been a month, and now that the transition is over and taken place, it’s time to start pulling myself out of that hole.

I suppose that I’ll go ahead and include the rest of the reading of the Animals real quick at this point as well.

Eagle pretty much is saying hey you, you’re having some trust issues and they’re affecting your spirit, your ability to soar. Point taken. Porcupine, quite blaming yourself you nut fuck, it’s not your fault and you did what you had to do. Snake, aside from fucking making me uncomfortable, is telling me that I have some healing and rejuvenation that needs to take place.

Cougar wants me to regain my confidence. We’ll see if I can manage to do that. Oh! Shiny boy person on oracle right now! (Ummm… maybe it’s pointing out something else too? Lmao)

Dragonfly, I should mention that I’ve seen quite a few of these in the front yard recently, I should have known that they were conveying a message, they popped up again for me here, they want me to remember who I am, see past the self imposed illusion that I’ve built around myself.

And last but not least, Hummingbird…. I need to find joy again.

Ok…. Let me go find some eye candy to look at, I’m sure that will help immensely.

Dogs of War

“The Dogs Of War”

Dogs of war and men of hate
With no cause, we don’t discriminate
Discovery is to be disowned
Our currency is flesh and bone
Hell opened up and put on sale
Gather ’round and haggle
For hard cash, we will lie and deceive
Even our masters don’t know the web we weave
One world, it’s a battleground
One world, and we will smash it down
One world … One world
Invisible transfers, long distance calls,
Hollow laughter in marble halls
Steps have been taken, a silent uproar
Has unleashed the dogs of war
You can’t stop what has begun
Signed, sealed, they deliver oblivion
We all have a dark side, to say the least
And dealing in death is the nature of the beast
One world, it’s a battleground
One world, and we will smash it down
One world … One world
The dogs of war won’t negotiate
The dogs of war don’t capitulate,
They will take and you will give,
And you must die so that they may live
You can knock at any door,
But wherever you go, you know they’ve been there before
Well winners can lose and things can get strained
But whatever you change, you know the dogs remain.
One world, it’s a battleground
One world, and we will smash it down
One world … One world

After the last blog, this is what the Oracle chose to give me. Universe, I’m listening.

Lala on dream interpretation

Side note for those who are seeking dream interpretation, there is an online source called DreamDictionary that’s pretty neat, however I do want to stress that it should be looked as a broad generalization of what it MIGHT mean.

What matters most is the dreamers interpretation, their thoughts on the matter, how the symbology makes them feel etc. Think about it when you have a clear head and use common sense, what does it mean in the mundane world, etc.

Then, look at the cultures that you were raised in, and the thoughts on what those symbols mean to those cultures. Ultimately, it’s a message that only the dreamer can make sense of, but asking others might help or hinder the process.

100 word challenge.

My core beliefs are something that I’d call Kamishinjin Makoto, loosely translated this means the beliefs in many gods faith. It’s a hybrid combination of Celtic Polytheism and Shinto practices. I’m animistic as I believe that everything has a Kami or Spirit, and Ancestor reverence plays a large part in my belief system. I don’t worship the ancestors or my deities as much as I honor and revere them, try to learn from them and get guidance from them. I also take into account the messages that animals and animal magic can bring to you to enrich your life every day


Update: If I’d only left out that word, I so would have rocked that challenge.

Weird wake up calls

It has come to my conclusion, that some people just don’t want me to be able to sleep. They take much delight in waking me up, especially the days that the insomnia monster has been riding me.

Last week I was woken up by a phone call from a friend and member of PM FB group. The reason for the wake up call? She didn’t agree with a discussion that was taking place in the group.

OK? It’s a little bit of a wtf moment, yes, you’re my friend, but I don’t think I should have to kill an entire discussion simply because you don’t agree with the topic, or that it’s keeping you from doing your homework. You’re a grown up, you do have the ability to walk away from a conversation when you have other things to take care of.

I’m not sure I can pin point why this bothered me so much. The fact that she’s an adult? The fact that she’s older than me and I do expect adults to act like adults on occasion, especially when they wake me up when I haven’t gotten much sleep. Or, if it was the fact that because she is my friend, she wanted me to kill a discussion, that had amassed almost 400 responses before I’d even gotten a chance to read it.

Yes, that many responses, it must be a hot topic.

It also means it was a topic that people WANTED to participate in.

I suppose it’s the fact that I take our group seriously, I want to see it succeed, I want to see people participating, but I also think that the group can benefit from a hot topic, where there were few if any insults being thrown, and why kill it? Because my friend asked me to?

Sorry lala don’t play that.


Asking Questions

I asked a question last night on PM. I wanted to know if there was anyone who was a friend of the page who happened to either be an ex JW or if they knew anyone who was a JW who would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Within minutes of posting there was a smart assed response to the status that if I just waited at the front door, one would be along shortly to convert me.  Continue reading »