oh, I was going to post a quick update about the changes that have happened, and then I realized that I’m going to have to change up the categories on this blog, because, yeah.

Dropped the dead weight. I think maybe I started the process with the message and then completed it last night when I went ahead and killed his fb account.

Long story short, it was connected to one of my email addy’s. I got tired of getting an assload of messages/notifications from his fb. He hadn’t logged on to change up any of the info, or put in a new email, so, I killed it.

~Shrugs~ shit happens.

Oh yeah, and he was a manipulative, lying, cheating asshat. Nuff said.


Seems that there is a lot of dust that’s piled up, and so, I’m making my rounds and unlocking blogs and dusting things off, because I’m going to be using them again, pretty soon. I just need to be inspired, perhaps even a little enraged… we’ll see how it goes!

The oracle is going right now, Black Magic Woman, it goes with the frame of mind and the ideas that have been bouncing around today. I was thinking that PUTA might need to have a little of a direction change, but maybe not. I mean there will always be asshats to blog about. I do want to do a little more on the self discovery bit. So, I’m going to try to keep that over here, and figure out if there will be any bits that will be open for public consumption.

Now that I’ve scattered the dust onto the floor, I think there are things that I need to nail down and flesh out, I’ll be back here soon.

Memories: Two Poems, Part 1

I really wanted to bring this post over here. I know that it’s old, the original blog post was entered in December, 2006.


This is an OMG moment that I know I’ll never forget, It’s one of the best memories that I have from that year.
I woke up this morning…To find a thread in the Void titled, …. “The Dream” (To My Lala)… I really think that my heart flew out of my chest again when I was reading it… I’ve posted the original post here… Continue reading »

Welcome to the World of Me

Well, this would be the beginning of a new venture, and a new adventure for me.

I’m fairly outspoken and random, and at the same time… I dislike sharing too very much of myself. Why, I’m not sure, I think it’s because I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when people get a little too close to me… Or what will happen when they know me a little bit too well… and, so, I generally play.

I act like I’m the life of the party… I show off the random exterior and don’t let people get too close to the gooey center.

As far as first blogs go, I’m not going to be getting too indepth with the first one… This is just to get me used to the site.. and hopefully… getting people used to the fact that I’ll be putting random words and thoughts together over here.

Hope that you enjoyed the ramble… I’ll be sure to add more later.

Magical Names?

Magical Names, a subject that I ran across a few years ago when I got fairly active on the internet and pagan topics. I felt to myself, what’s the point? Why bother? Is it really that big of a deal.

I decided that no, it really wasnt’. I mean really, ‘What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ -Shakespeare.

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