Weird wake up calls

It has come to my conclusion, that some people just don’t want me to be able to sleep. They take much delight in waking me up, especially the days that the insomnia monster has been riding me.

Last week I was woken up by a phone call from a friend and member of PM FB group. The reason for the wake up call? She didn’t agree with a discussion that was taking place in the group.

OK? It’s a little bit of a wtf moment, yes, you’re my friend, but I don’t think I should have to kill an entire discussion simply because you don’t agree with the topic, or that it’s keeping you from doing your homework. You’re a grown up, you do have the ability to walk away from a conversation when you have other things to take care of.

I’m not sure I can pin point why this bothered me so much. The fact that she’s an adult? The fact that she’s older than me and I do expect adults to act like adults on occasion, especially when they wake me up when I haven’t gotten much sleep. Or, if it was the fact that because she is my friend, she wanted me to kill a discussion, that had amassed almost 400 responses before I’d even gotten a chance to read it.

Yes, that many responses, it must be a hot topic.

It also means it was a topic that people WANTED to participate in.

I suppose it’s the fact that I take our group seriously, I want to see it succeed, I want to see people participating, but I also think that the group can benefit from a hot topic, where there were few if any insults being thrown, and why kill it? Because my friend asked me to?

Sorry lala don’t play that.