Asking Questions

I asked a question last night on PM. I wanted to know if there was anyone who was a friend of the page who happened to either be an ex JW or if they knew anyone who was a JW who would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Within minutes of posting there was a smart assed response to the status that if I just waited at the front door, one would be along shortly to convert me. 

The smart-assed response got me riled up and I ranted about it.

Now, I’ve grown really sick and tired of the whole Us vs. Them mentality that seems to be so prevalent on the pagan boards. It seems like we’re supposed to accept all fluffy behavior, no questions asked. Ya see, because if you question someone on their beliefs, or on something that they are presenting as factual, you’re automatically guilty of persecuting them for their beliefs. Though at the same time, if someone even dares to mention Christians/Christianity, these same people are quick to jump out, and bash on the Christian Faith.

Aggravated by the situation, I decided to rant about it. I’m not going to re-post the rant in question as I’ve done so on my other blog. Some people enjoyed the rant, I’m assuming that clicking the ‘Like’ button means that they were in agreement with what I had to say on the matter. Now, personally I feel that a rant is a rant, it’s generally not up for debate or discussion, however I do see that since I posted it on a page where we spent a great deal of time debating, discussing topics, especially Hot Topics, that anything posted can and will probably turn into a heated debate given the chance. Cool, I accept that.

However, what I don’t accept is the implication made by some who were in the middle of the discussion that I should have qualified my question by giving a reason behind why I was posting said question. Why? I’d really like to know how things would have been different by putting a reason behind the question. Is it relevant? I personally don’t think that it is. Furthermore, the reason why I was asking the question was a personal one. I’d rather not turn a simple question into a pity party, much less a forum for people that I am lightly aquainted with to feel sorry for me, offer condolences, etc. I simply wanted to talk to someone who might have the ability to answer a few questions for me, shouldn’t have to explain or justify to a group why I chose to ask the question.

I have to ask, is the reason for asking all that important? Is it everyone’s business? Would that have in some way changed the way that the discussion went? I seriously doubt it, and if it had, it would have been a rash of people offering to send energy, condolences, good thoughts, etc.

To me, that crosses personal boundaries, it throws out information that I’m not prepared to share with virtual strangers, and I don’t think that it should really matter. As you can tell, I’m still bothered by the outcome of this discussion and of having asked the question in the first place.

I don’t understand why I’m at fault for asking a question pertaining to Christians. That I should have to qualify why I’m even asking such a question. That I shouldn’t rail against the intolerance exhibited by the pagans who want to bash the Christian population. Or that I’m persecuting fluff when I ask questions or ask for source material when the make a blanket statement, yet, I should have to justify a simple question. Does this make sense to anyone of you out there?

I suppose that I’m just going to sit here and continue to be confused by the issue. If anyone has anything to add that will give me some clarity on the issue, I’d greatly appreciate it.