Seems that there is a lot of dust that’s piled up, and so, I’m making my rounds and unlocking blogs and dusting things off, because I’m going to be using them again, pretty soon. I just need to be inspired, perhaps even a little enraged… we’ll see how it goes!

The oracle is going right now, Black Magic Woman, it goes with the frame of mind and the ideas that have been bouncing around today. I was thinking that PUTA might need to have a little of a direction change, but maybe not. I mean there will always be asshats to blog about. I do want to do a little more on the self discovery bit. So, I’m going to try to keep that over here, and figure out if there will be any bits that will be open for public consumption.

Now that I’ve scattered the dust onto the floor, I think there are things that I need to nail down and flesh out, I’ll be back here soon.