Lala on dream interpretation

Side note for those who are seeking dream interpretation, there is an online source called DreamDictionary that’s pretty neat, however I do want to stress that it should be looked as a broad generalization of what it MIGHT mean.

What matters most is the dreamers interpretation, their thoughts on the matter, how the symbology makes them feel etc. Think about it when you have a clear head and use common sense, what does it mean in the mundane world, etc.

Then, look at the cultures that you were raised in, and the thoughts on what those symbols mean to those cultures. Ultimately, it’s a message that only the dreamer can make sense of, but asking others might help or hinder the process.

100 word challenge.

My core beliefs are something that I’d call Kamishinjin Makoto, loosely translated this means the beliefs in many gods faith. It’s a hybrid combination of Celtic Polytheism and Shinto practices. I’m animistic as I believe that everything has a Kami or Spirit, and Ancestor reverence plays a large part in my belief system. I don’t worship the ancestors or my deities as much as I honor and revere them, try to learn from them and get guidance from them. I also take into account the messages that animals and animal magic can bring to you to enrich your life every day


Update: If I’d only left out that word, I so would have rocked that challenge.

Apparently I live in Fantasy Land

On The Turning Away

That song pretty much sums things up pretty well. Today is just on the extreme of craptastic.

I guess it started off this afternoon when my sister called to tell me that I needed to have the idiot pick up the boy child, and that he was getting on her nerves and that she wasn’t planning on calling Mj and waking him up because he’d been working. (I suppose I was caught off guard by her attitude and how she wasn’t going to call Mj, that he didn’t have gas etc.) I didn’t automatically respond, ended up on the shit list.

I tell her ok, I”ll call the kids’ dad and see if he can find a ride to go and pick up Angel. It takes me a good 20 minutes to get him to even answer his phone, and when he does, he says “OK, I’ll go ask so n so.”

I didn’t call my sister back yet, because I was waiting for him to call me back to tell me if he was going on not. When he finally did show up over here, I was doing dishes and I told him to call my sister and let her know that he was coming.

I guess he got yelled at while he was picking up the boy, came back and tells me, your sister’s mad at you.

ok…wtf did I do?

So, I called her and she gave me an earful, and I let her rant.

I’m still not sure what I did wrong, other than not calling her right back and for not responding quick enough to her demand that someone come pick Angel up.

Anyway, the night progresses.

I plug in the phone because it’s dead. I get a few txt messages, and I assume that it’s from Twitter because I get a bunch of twitter messages every night.

When I finally check my phone, there are 3 messages from Mj’s phone.

Nicole’s phone isn’t working.  Can she borrow $30. And, Never Mind, I won’t bother you ever again.

I called my sister to find out what was going on, and got bitched at some more.

Also, I guess FB wasn’t delivering IM’s because she said she’d been trying to talk to me for the last 3 hours. I got no messages.

I offered her the password/login info for my account so she could check.

Also, I have a total of $5 to my name, but she can have it if she wants.


None of this is good enough, she’s still pissed off at me, I’m a terrible person who is never there for her, and she is always there for me.

Also, according to her status messages on FB which I now know were directed at me.


“FuNNy HoW tHe oNe PerSoN yOu aLwAyS heLp oUt, waNtS tO HiDe oR iGnoRe Me wHeN I NeeD soMthiNg! #fuckoffiM doNe”


“MeBe I jUsT NeeD tO LiVe iN FaNtAsY LaNd LiKe sOMe PeOpLe”


Yay, fun times. So, I live in a fantasy land, I’m sure I know what that’s about and I suck in a really fucking bad way.

Today has been craptacular, I’m upset and there isn’t really anything to say or do about it.

Weird wake up calls

It has come to my conclusion, that some people just don’t want me to be able to sleep. They take much delight in waking me up, especially the days that the insomnia monster has been riding me.

Last week I was woken up by a phone call from a friend and member of PM FB group. The reason for the wake up call? She didn’t agree with a discussion that was taking place in the group.

OK? It’s a little bit of a wtf moment, yes, you’re my friend, but I don’t think I should have to kill an entire discussion simply because you don’t agree with the topic, or that it’s keeping you from doing your homework. You’re a grown up, you do have the ability to walk away from a conversation when you have other things to take care of.

I’m not sure I can pin point why this bothered me so much. The fact that she’s an adult? The fact that she’s older than me and I do expect adults to act like adults on occasion, especially when they wake me up when I haven’t gotten much sleep. Or, if it was the fact that because she is my friend, she wanted me to kill a discussion, that had amassed almost 400 responses before I’d even gotten a chance to read it.

Yes, that many responses, it must be a hot topic.

It also means it was a topic that people WANTED to participate in.

I suppose it’s the fact that I take our group seriously, I want to see it succeed, I want to see people participating, but I also think that the group can benefit from a hot topic, where there were few if any insults being thrown, and why kill it? Because my friend asked me to?

Sorry lala don’t play that.


The Owl Speaks

The owl has been screeching outside at night. He’s a resident of the neighborhood and doesn’t live too far away. I hear him outside on occasion, though he’s been making his presence known more often as of late.

I’d assumed that perhaps this was because he’s been busy hunting, apparently  that was wrong as I’ve been told by a few that owl only speaks when he has something to say.

So, what is he saying?

Noon suggested that I ask the cards, so I did.

Owl was removed from the deck, though I’m not certain if I needed to do this or simply remember what it is that the card symbolizes.

Owl: Omens (A topic I’ve brought up a few times recently)  Owl says Pay attention to the signs.


with owl removed from the deck, I decided to read. I can’t explain why, only that I drew 8 cards this time.


Lynx-Discernment: Look Beyond immediate appearances.

Wolf-Guardian: You are safe and protected at all times

Kangaroo (r)-Gratitude: Be grateful for all you are blessed with (Mental slip up, be careful with what you have. -interesting)

Lion (r)- courage: Ask for what you want. (I’m distinctly  picking up the time for asking is over.)

Beaver (r)- Productiveness: Go ahead and just do it.

Bear-Boundaries: Stand your ground.

Seal (r)-imagination: Immerse yourself in artistic and creative expression

Turtle- Retreat: Stop Trying to make something happen.


(now either I have one too many cards on the table. Or perhaps I’m missing one, as I don’t see how they all tie together right now. Which either means drop the last one possibly, or draw another. )


Random card draw:

Koala-Empathy: Speak less and listen more.


So, I’m at a loss for the moment, Wondering to see if anyone else has anything helpful or even unhelpful to add.

Asking Questions

I asked a question last night on PM. I wanted to know if there was anyone who was a friend of the page who happened to either be an ex JW or if they knew anyone who was a JW who would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Within minutes of posting there was a smart assed response to the status that if I just waited at the front door, one would be along shortly to convert me.  Continue reading »

Letting Go

How does one know if she has forgiven? You tend to feel sorrow over the circumstance instead of rage, you tend to feel sorry for the person rather than angry with him. You tend to have nothing left to say about it all.
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

It’s been a rather long couple of days, and I suppose the situation has me feeling a little more introspective than usual. I don’t like to put a whole lot of thought into how I’m feeling at any given moment. If you have to think about it, it usually means that something’s not right. I’m not what anyone could consider or label a ‘Touchy Feely’ kind of person, and I’m definitely not a ‘Suzy Fucking Sunshine’ type of person either. Yeah, I’m one of those people who others want to tell to smile. Continue reading »

Ethical Eating?

This week ‘Pagan Blog Prompts’ question was: “Ethical Eating; How does your faith guide you in how you buy and eat food? Do your beliefs even have anything to do with how you eat?”

Now it got me to thinking about the topic, and I don’t think that many people actually spend any considerable amount of time thinking about this subject, unless they’ve made a conscious decision to be vegetarian or vegan, etc. I know that it’s not a topic that I don’t give much thought. Continue reading »